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Mechanics Group of MSME Lab. (MSME UMR 8208)



The mechanics Group of MSME has been developed from the former Mecanics Lab (2002-2009, EA 2545) associated by Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (previously called Université of Marne-la-Vallée). Since January 1st, the group has been gathered from former CT (Theoretical Chemistry) and TCM (Heat and Mass transfers) laboratories to construct MSME Lab. MSME was then associated to CNRS through “FRE” (from January 1st) and then “UMR” (from January 1st, 2010).


Scientific topics of the Mechanics Group focus on two main areas, described as follows. One feature of these works is to consider both theoretical and applied research. This comes from the fact that the Group has strong connections with industrial partners such as PSA, EDF, SNCF, AREVA, CEA, CSTB, CTTB and INERIS, among others. In a large number of cases, the research works are validated experimentally through industrial and academic collaborations.


The research topics of the Mechanics Group are:



Topic 1 – Multiscale, multiphysic modeling and simulation in mechanics of materials

 - Modelling and simulation of interfaces and their effects on the effective properties of heterogeneous materials.

 - Micromechanics and homogenization methods.

 - Advanced computational methods for homogenization of heterogeneous materials and structures with complex behaviors.

 - Stochastic modelling and statistical identification of heterogeneous microstructures of complex materials.

 - Modelling and characterization of anisotropic, heterogeneous materials subjected to finite strains in forming processes.


Topic 2 – Modelling, Simulation and uncertainty quantifications in dynamics and vibrations of structures and coupled systems


- General methodologies for stochastic modelling of uncertainties, of propagation and simulations and inverse statistical methods in computational mechanics.

 - Linear, nonlinear dynamics and vibroacoustics of industrial systems.

 - Parasismic engineering and environemental vibrations.

 - Integrated approaches in natural and technological risks.



The Mechanics Group is also involved in transverse activities of the Laboratory and actively participates to the following projects involving the other teams of MSME Lab (Theoretical Chemistry Group, Biomechanics Group and Heat and Mass Transfer Group):  


- Project « Multiscale modeling of fluid-structures interactions in porous media»


- Project « Mecanotransduction and adaptation of remodeling in bone tissues»


- Project « Multiscale modeling of piezoelectric nanowires »


The mechanics Group is member of the "Ile-de-France Federation for Mechanics, Structures and Processes" (F2M-msp) and member of the "LABEX" MMCD, and very active within «European Association of Structural Dynamics ».


Projets transverses de l'équipe MECA


L’équipe de MECA mène aussi des recherches dans les deux thématiques transversales à toutes les équipes du laboratoire, à savoir les projets : 


  1. Projet COMPACT : Couplages multi physiques et changements d’échelle dans les nanostructures et matériaux nanostructurés pour les systèmes de capteurs et de récupération d’énergie


  2. Projet NANOTRIBO : Modélisation et simulation multi-échelle de phénomènes nano-tribologiques.


  3. Projet MIG : Modélisations atomistiques et moléculaires des collisions gaz-parois et simulations numériques d’écoulements dans des micro-conduites


  4. Projet ISB : Intéractions dans les systèmes biologiques


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