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Computational mechanics of heterogeneous structures and materials .

The colloquium " Computational Mechanics of heterogeneous materials and structures. Dynamic and Stochastic Aspects" took place at the Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée during july 1-2 , 2010.

The participants came from 5 different countries.

The colloquium comprised 3 sessions whose contents are given below :

 Session 1         Mechanics of heterogeneous media

      P. Suquet               Nonuniform transformation field analysis: a reduced model for multiscale nonlinear problems in solid mechanics

      D. Kondo                Micromechanics of porous and ductile geomaterials : scientific challenges and major keylocks.

      S. Roux                  Amorphous media plasticity : the challenge of meso-modelling

      K. Sab                    Definition and bounds for the effective properties of random plates

      Q.C. He                  Contact of two anisotropic half planes with wavy surfaces


Session 2          Dynamics of systems

      M. Ichchou              Mid-high frequency issues in structural acoustics

      D. Duhamel             Computation of Green functions of periodic materials

      M. Bonnet               Simple or extended asymptotic topology of cost functions : formulation in elastodynamics, non-iterative approach of the identification of defects.

      P. Goransson          Sensitivity of response of a multi-layer porous material configuration due to variations of micro-structural parameters.

Session 3         Mechanics and probabilities

      L. Gagliardini           Low frequency vibroacoustic modelling of production cars

      M. Mignolet              Maximum entropy discrete processes and prescribed correlation length and application to frictional response

      R. Ghanem               Predictability and mitigation for complex interacting systems

      R. Sampaio              Numerical analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of a drill-string with uncertainty modelling

      H.M. Panayirci &al.   Computational strategies for efficient polynomial chaos based stochastic finite element analysis                         Panayirci and al. paper

      P. Bernard               A few numerical schemes for stochastic differential equations of the mechanics

      F. Poirion                 Simulation of simple paths of nongaussian stationary random fields

      D. Clouteau             Contribution to the modelling of wave propagation in random media

      O. Lemaitre             Asynchronous time integration for polynomial chaos expansion of uncertain periodic dynamic systems