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Component-Centric Reduced Order Models of Multi-Component Structures in Linear and Nonlinear Geometric Regimes

   Prof. Marc Mignolet (Arizona State University).

  Séminaires de l'équipe MECA

Lieu et heure: Salle N20 bis, bâtiment Lavoisier, 14h.
IntervenantProf. Marc Mignolet (Arizona State University).

Résumé : This investigation focuses on the formulation and validation of small-size structural reduced order models that provide an accurate representation of the response in only one part of the structure without emphasizing the rest of it. A collection of such models can be constructed that cover the entire structure and can be run in parallel saving computational time vs. the development of a monolithic large-size reduced order model providing an accurate representation of the response in the entire structure. This effort is first carried out on structures in the linear regime, then extended to the nonlinear geometric situation where the computational savings are especially valuable. A complex 9-bay panel is considered to exemplify the construction and the computational benefits.

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