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Elastic instability and hysteresis in ideally flat interface—constructing scale-dependent cohesive zone model

Anle Wang (Universität des Saarlandes)

When an elastic, adhesive, flat elastomer approaches to or retracts from a rigid, ideally flat substrate, stable solutions can become suddenly unstable against small (thermal) fluctuation. These instabilities induce a hysteresis in the load-displacement relations between approach and retraction and thereby energy dissipation. In this study, we investigate these instabilities and find that a cohesive zone model reflecting them correctly must be designed as a scale-dependent function. Toward the end, we show that a coarse-grained description based on scale-dependent cohesive-zone model can reproduce the approach and retraction as well as the pull-off force quite accurately, i.e. , with around 90% accuracy. These findings might be beneficial to any modeling of adhesive interactions in which the small-slope approximation is assumed.

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